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Sahih Al-Bukhari – Volume 3 – Book 30 – P.96

(25) CHAPTER. Taking a bath by a person observing Saum (fast).

Ibn ‘Umar soaked a garment in water and then put it over himself while he was observing Saum (fasting). Ash-Sha’bi entered a bathroom while he was observing Saum. Ibn ‘Abbas said, “There is no harm in tasting the food of the pots or other meals. Al-Hasan said, “There is no harm for the person observing saum (fast) to rinse his mouth with water and to cool his body.” Ibn Mas’ud said, “At the night of your fasting day, you had better oil and comb your hair.”

Anas said, “I had a tub in which I used to sit while observing Saum (fast).” It is mentioned that the Prophet, peace be upon him, cleaned his teeth with a Siwak while observing Saum (fast), and Ibn Umar used to clean his teeth with Siwãk in the early and the late hours of the day without swallowing the resultant saliva [while observing Saum (fast)]. ‘Ala’ said, “The swallowing of saliva does not break the Saum (fast).” Ibn Sirin said, “There is no harm in cleaning the teeth with a green fresh Siwak .” He was told that it had taste. Ibn Sirin replied, “Water also has taste; yet you people rinse your mouth with it.” Anas, Al- Hasan and Ibrahim did not see any harm in smearing one’s eyes with kohl while observing Saum (fast).

1931. Narrated Abu Bakr bin ‘Abdur- Rahmãn: My father and I went to ‘Aishah and she said, “I testify that Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, at times used to get up in the morning in a state of Janaba  from sexual intercourse, not from a wet dream and then he would observe Saum (fast) that day.”

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