Our Journeys to Islam

Kindly share your unique journey to Islam, please remember, this effort and contribution is solely for the sake of Allah.  Your story could either help someone into their conversion/reversion or it can also help one who is struggling and feeling alone.  You never know just who you may help and what kind of reward that holds of you.  Never undermine and underestimate your time you put for spreading the Deen of Allah.

Please take a quick minute to write your story, or video and send it to info@convertsunited.com or converts4converts@gmail.com

You can remain anonymous and you can write a lot or a little.  Please include the following, if possible: how did you learn about Islam, when did you convert/revert, what things you faced after you converted/reverted, and what advice you have for new converts/reverts or anyone interested in reverting/converting, etc.

Thank you and may Allah bless all of you.

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