Big Sister- Little Sister Program

Living in this world as a young Muslimah is very difficult these days! So many temptations and trials we must face and sometimes it can just be so overwhelming and difficult! Sometimes, you just want someone to talk to who won’t judge you and who can just offer advice and support which you can’t get from your own friends and family! We totally understand and that is why we are here!

We are a bunch of big sisters who are here to help and just be that big ‘ol sis that you wish you had! We are converts/reverts who have been through just as many struggles as you are probably going through now! Believe it or not, we can definitely relate with you! You don’t have to be a hijabi, practicing, or a student of the Qur’an to talk to us! We are just a bunch of sisters looking to reach out to someone in need! OPEN HUG POLICY!

The Big Sister Little Sister program is designed for revert/convert sisters who would like to interact with a big sister. The big sister will do their best to accompany, to consult, to discuss issues, to share happiness and sadness with the little sister. Insha-Allah, one day the little sister will mature into a big sister who will share hugs and kisses with other sisters too! If you would like to take part in this program, please fill in your details in the form below. We will put you in contact as soon as possible, Insha-Allah. Thank you.

(Disclaimer: We are not scholars or students of knowledge and we are do not give fatwas. We are here to support and be a friend to the little sister who needs someone to talk to )

If you want to be big sister, please email to or

May Allah reward your good deeds and intentions. Thank you.