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Why I don’t wear Niqab?

By Fiona Holly

Before I become Muslim, I used to think the lady with hijab (a cloth that cover hair) were nuns since I was very ignorant or not care about religion. When I was learning Islam, one day I went out with few Muslim sisters to have lunch together and we were taking a train. Suddenly one of the born Muslim sisters screamed out as two sisters with niqab (a face veil) were passing by us. I was shocked and I asked her why she screamed since they’re also Muslims. The young sister said she just had a sudden shock to see them but not intention to embarrass them.

After that incident, I realized it’s not only Non-Muslims were scary with someone with face veil but also some Muslims. When I learned more about Islam, I tend to respect everyone with different choices of their dressings, including sisters who have or have no hijab, also sisters with niqab. When I started to wear hijab, it’s already a big deal in my community, in the society in general. When I know my way of dress is a symbol of representing Islam, so I want to make myself to be available to meet with everyone who has question rather than keeping people away from me with lots of unanswered prejudice.

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