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Sister Lorello

So it all started with my husband in 2016, 6 months after being married in the Catholic Church. We were secular Catholics at best. My husband had gotten into difficulties at his job and was forced to look for new work. Alhamdulillah he found a job quickly. Within the first week of his new job he was asked to travel up north with his new manager for a business trip. The drive was 10 hrs long and on the way they spoke of many things and eventually got to the topic of religion. The manager told some stories of the prophets and my husband was quite interested since he knew many of the stories. My husband assumed his manager was Christian but when he asked his religious affiliation it turned out he was Muslim! This shocked my husband as he didn’t know that Muslims believed in Jesus and all the prophets in Christianity. My husband began asking more questions throughout the 3 day business trip. The brother did dawah explaining why Jesus (as) cannot be God and how the trinity is flawed. He even allowed my husband to listen to some tafsir audio of Quran with Quran recitation about Jannah and jahanam and it really put fear inside him of not wanting to go to jahanam and spoke to his heart as it left tears in his eyes. At the end of this 3 day trip, my husband came home to me and sat me down to explain his experience. He did the same dawah on me that his manager had done and by the end of it I was in tears as what struck me the most was my heart accepting the truth that Jesus is not God. This led me to 3 months of researching all the questions I had about Islam and Christianity because I knew I wanted to find the truth. We bought a bible, Quran and Torah and compared them and listen to lectures of scholars comparing them. I had many questions about science and religion as my professional background is in the health care field. Alhamdulillah my research allowed me to find answers to these questions and at that point I felt in my heart that Islam was the truth. I took my shahada about 3 months after reflecting and researching but what I realized was that my heart had accepted Islam during that initial conversation with my husband but my mind had to catch up to make sense of it all! AND Alhamdulillah my husband also took his shahada about a month before me! SubhanAllah Allah is the best of planners!

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