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Sister Khadaija

My Revert Story

(for those of you who want a long one)

If you ever needed proof that there is a God, this is the story!

This story starts with a Canadian girl in her early 20’s. I loved all things prohibited by Islam. I loved tattoos to the point that I was getting a new one every week, Trap music & Metal and By Allah I loved moslon Canadian a little more than I should have.

My 23rd birthday was fast approaching and as usual the plan was to get wreckkked. Plastered. Wasted. At the local bar that was down the steeet from my apartment with my boyfriend (now husband)

My birthday is In April near Easter and being brought up Christian it was something that I was looking forward to.

And my mind clicked, what am I honestly celebrating here?

This holiday makes no sense to me.

Is Jesus pbuh is the son of God or God as some believed. How could he die? And how did the Easter bunny become involved in such an occasion!

After doing a minimal amount of research, I came to learn that we were actually celebrating a pagan holiday intertwined with this religion that I have been blindly following! In this pagan holiday the bunny symbolizes the fertility of the spring and the search for hemords …. for lack of a better word “package” if you catch my drift.

I could not believe this, really.. astigfirallah!

So I dug just a little bit deeper and I realized Christmas was a lie too.

So later that day or week I went into my room and prostrated and asked God to guide me, to show me the way. As I was doing this I felt sharp deep scratches on my back and I immediately got up. Shook. Frightened. Terrified.

For a couple of days I was in this state.

Soon after I was reading a dawah book about the basic of Islam that I found at my father in laws house & it made sense… well for the most part. I wasn’t willing to except that Jesus pbuh was not the son of god and that Muhammed pbuh was a messenger. This was hard for me to understand as I was brought up Christian and this was a huge part of it.

Days later my now husband came home with a Quran and I started reading it.

This was not the first quran I had in my possession, I had been given several in my life and the always seemed to disappear in my parents home and when I did start reading it back the. I thought it was the wrong book because of the chapter named the heifer in English lol.

Soooo I began reading and Reading and it made so much sense to me. I knew that this is what God wanted me to be… a Muslim.

For days I kept looking up information and one morning I decided this is it. I’m a Muslim I don’t care. So I Youtube how do I become a Muslim. I took my shahada with my head hanging of my couch upside down alone. And it’s was beautiful I shed a tear.

I was still terrified as to how my family would react and even more so my boyfriend ( I was convinced he was going to leave me) but I knew that this is what Allah swt wanted me to do.

One morning I was getting ready for work and I put on a hijab and my uniform. Walked out into my living room and said “I’m a Muslim, I wear hijab now take it or leave it. This is what Allah wants me to do”





Mine was confusion.

( my words were “what the **** did you just say to me?” In my usual sailor mouth ways at the time)

He had been Muslim for months now and was too afraid to let me know because he thought I was gonna leave him.

I never did even up at the bar for my birthday or my next tattoo appointment ! Alhamdulliah ❤

Our next step together was to get married, we knew we couldn’t keep living in this haram lifestyle together.

We were already discussing this prior so it was the right step to take.

My husband and his friend drove around aimlessly trying to find a masjid In Toronto that would marry us with no ID or a mahram. But we could not find one. Until I started to cry, I was adamant on getting married on June 4th. I was not going to do this haram life one more moment. So I prayed and prayed and he prayed and prayed. Finally at like 11 pm at night he came in the house and said we found somewhere. So I put on my cutest hijab and got in the car. The masjid was actually a trailor in the back of some buildings in the neighbourhood. The Imam asked me if I wanted to marry him and I said yes. He said somethings to him and then some words in Arabic to this day I have no idea what he said and at 11:57 pm we completed half our deen.

With ups and downs and bumps in the road ,we are still on our deen

With a beautiful 2 year old son(named Eysa, we thought it was only appropriate to name him Jesus) who runs around the house saying as Salaamu Alkiuem, Number and letters.

I know that Allah has chosen us, He even named us Muslim names as none muslims!

My birth name is Khadaija and his name is the name of one of the Sahaba.

Allah (swt) says: “Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.” Hadith Qudsi.

Subhan’Allah I am a Muslim.

Thanks for reading.

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