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Things to remember when dealing with a revert/convert:

  • When in a group setting, please remember to speak in the language everyone understands.
  • When a revert/convert accepts Islam, it’s not an easy decision. She/he has to give up many of his/her old traditions, habits, so please do not be harsh on their way of doing things.
  • Islam is a way of life, it doesn’t belong to any culture. So, when a revert/convert accept Islam, please do not push them to change their outfits and become an Indian, Pakistani or Arab.  They just need to be reminded to have a modest dress.
  • Every revert/convert has an unique journey, unique experiences, unique challenges, so please do not judge others.
  • When a revert/convert discuss their personal issues with you, it’s Amanah (Arabic: أمانة), in the closest literal English translation, means fulfilling or upholding trusts. So, do not tell to others what has been discussed, keep with you until you get permission to pass to others.
  • Be punctual and please take “time” seriously.
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