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Converts United Blog Post

AsSalaamu Alaikum!

My name is Cara Aydin, and I am a sister who was invited by Sr. Karima to write occasional blog posts for JazakAllah khair for starting this initiative, and for having me as a writer!

I am just in the midst of writing a piece. It is literally in the first draft, and so is very preliminary. However, I wanted to run it by you to see if the idea I have is along the lines of something you would want shared/a topic that’s suitable to write on.

I will be adding a bit more, and editing a lot more inshaAllah! So with that in mind, would you mind giving me some feedback on whether or not I am on the right track? In addition, whether or not this is an ideal topic also (as it’s coming from my direct opinion, rather than a personal story)

Thanks so much!
JazakAllah khair,


The Born-Muslim Reaction to Reverts.docx

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