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Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, P.221

(24)  CHAPTER.  If a woman gets menses thrice a month.

Can we believe a woman if she says she is menstruating or pregnant, and whatever is related to menses as is referred to by the Statement of Allah:  “…And it is not lawful for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs…” (Quran 2 : 228). ‘Ali and Shuraih said, “If a woman presents witness from her relatives who are good Muslims that she is getting menses thrice a month then she is to be believed.”  ‘Ata said, “Her previous menstrual cycles are to be taken into consideration.” The same was said by Ibrahim. ‘Ata said, “Menses can last from one to fifteen days.” Ibn Sirin was asked about a woman who noticed blood five days after her menstrual cycle. He replied:  The women knew better about that.

325.    Narrated Aishah: Fatima bint Abi Hubaish asked the Prophet, peace be upon him, “I got persistent bleeding (in between the periods) and do not become clean.  Shall I give up Salat (prayers)?”  He replied, “No, it is from a blood vessel.  Give up the Salat only for the days on which you usually get the menses and then take a bath and offer your prayers.”

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