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Sahih Bukhari – Volume 1 – Book 6 – P.218

(19) CHAPTER. The beginning and the ending of menstrual periods.

Some women used to send the pads of cotton with traces of yellowish discharge to ‘Aishah (for her verdict to know wheather they had become clean from menses or not). And ‘Aishah would say, “Do not hurry till you see the cotton pad is white (meaning the perfect disappearence of menses).” The daughter of Zaid bin Thabit was told that some woman used to ask for candles at midnight to see whether the menses had stopped or not. On that the daughter of Zaid said that the ladies (the wives of the Prophet companions) had never done so, and she blamed them (the former women).

320. Narrated ‘Aishah : Fatima bint Abi Hubaish used to have bleeding in between the periods, so he asked the Prophet , peace be upon him, about it. He replied, “The bleeding is from a blood vessel and not the menses. So give up As-Salat (the prayers) when the (real) menses begin and when it has finished, take a bath and start offering prayers.”


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