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Assalamu Alaykum
Are you seriously considering to find a spouse/acompanion/a partner, for this Life and the Hereafter? If you are married, divorce or looking for spouses and feel there is room for improvement, self growth and self discipline, please also consider joining us on this journey.
Marriage completes half of our Deen. Righteous & Healthy relationships bring peace, tranquility, love, prosperity, happiness and satisfaction in this Life, which ultimately paves a path to our final destination, Jannah.
In the world of uncertainty, corruption and immorality the importance of a successful and strong marriage is increasing. Our spouses should be our backbone, our best friends, our support system through all our Life Trials.  A stable mind is powerful. It provides a great degree of creativity, productivity, prosperity and social stability.
Allah has blessed us with a free mind to think, reflect, ponder, question, seek answers while sending down the best guide – Our Quran.
Come out, join us in this Self-Awarness Journey with the Goal of Completing Half Your Deen with sister Jessica, InshaAllah!



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