Companions to Jannah

By the Grace of Allah, this course will take you to corners of your life you never knew existed! It will leave you feeling confident about choosing a spouse, raising children and having tools necessary to recognize the importance of taking your own selves into account, before anyone else. Finally, yet importantly, it will allow you to reconnect with your true self, as well as it will offer the understanding of what spirituality really is!

In my sessions I will, Inshallah, touch up on all areas of life in such a manner very few have been able to. I will inspire your vision and purpose in life! With a mind set on growth and self improvement, your vision will become more clear. You will automatically, via the universal laws of attraction, start to attract like minded people into your life – potential spouses, friends and confidantes. So let’s get started! It is my pleasure to introduce Companions to Jannah!

Course outline:

Session 1 – Introduction to Paradigms and Beliefs
Session 2 – Goals, Intentions and Whys
Session 3 – Introduction to Personalities: Strengths and Weaknesses
Session 4 – Introduction to Personalities: Needs and Fears
Session 5 – Introduction to Personalities: Gender Intelligence
Session 6 – Acceptance and Healing from Emotional Trauma
Session 7 – Introduction to Visualization
Session 8 – Your vision and where you want to go

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