Anthropology Research

We are a team of anthropologists at Université de Montréal and we are conducting a research on new Muslims who have embraced Islam or developed a strong interest in Islam; or have reverted from a Muslim family back to Islam or have renewed interest in Islam.

Our aim is to understand how Islam can be a meaningful resource in this day and age and how the experience of conversion looks like. We wish to contribute to deconstructing clichés and document the positive aspects of that religion for young people. The research has already been conducted in Quebec and we wish to know more about how it unfolds in Ontarian contact. Your participation would consist in a 60 to 90 minutes informal interview (according to you). Of course, we guarantee the confidentiality of all our participants.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:
Géraldine Mossière
Ariane Bédard-Provencher
Samuel Victor

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