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Volunteers wanted for research

Prof Geraldine Mossiere, an anthropologist at university of Montreal, who has done fieldwork comparing French and Quebecois converts to Islam.  Attached are two of her publications.  The first one is about how converts navigate West and Islam in their new identities; and the second how female converts navigate the competing discourses of oppression vs non-oppression in their new Muslim identity. She wishes now to expand her fieldwork comparing France/Quebec with converts in Ontario. 

She is seeking male or female converts under the age of 35 to participate.  Due to the virus, the interviews will be done over skype.  They will last approximately 90 mins. The aim is to study how conversion affects relationships family, friends, work, etc.  The interviewee will be asked questions about their life trajectory; vision of self; spirituality, and the like.

She has a research assistant from McMaster, Ariane Bedard-Provencher, who is also doing the interviews. The initial plan was that Ariane do in person interviews in Ontario, but of course, with the virus, these will now also be online.

Should you be interested in being a research participant, please email the research assistant: Ariane, at

Jazakunna Allahu Khairan



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